Accessible Service

The service is accessible to persons with disabilities.  Please inform the reservation clerk of the type of assistance needed (i.e.; wheelchair lift, service animal, boarding assistance, etc.).  We do not provide any type of medical or certified aide service; but your aide may travel with you, fare-free.

When requested, drivers will assist passengers with boarding and alighting. Door-to-door assistance will be provided if it is requested, needed and safe to do so, but through-the-door service will not be provided. Drivers are not allowed to cross the threshold. Three-wheeled scooters cannot be safely secured, so for your safety, it will be suggested that you to transfer to a seat during transport. If you are not in a wheelchair, but need to use the lift to board, please let the clerk know at the time that you place your reservation.  It is safer to use the lift while seated, so for your safety and that of the driver if you do not have a wheelchair available; with your permission a chair will be provided to enable you to be seated while the lift is being deployed.