• All passengers must use available safety belts.
  • All children under 5 (school age) must be accompanied by an adult.  We recommend child safety seats.
  • No eating, smoking, drinking, cursing, or firearms aboard the vehicles.
  • Space is limited – please only two bags per passenger.
    (Remember drivers do not always have time to assist you to your doorstep with your groceries.)
  • Be ready to board 10 minutes prior to your scheduled pick up time.  If the bus has not arrived by 15 minutes past your pick up time, please call the office.

  • Drivers’ schedules do not allow for waiting longer than 3 minutes.
    (Prompt boarding assures all passengers of timely arrival at their destinations.)
  • Drivers do not carry change – they cannot break your bill.  You must have the correct fare to board.
  • Remain seated until the vehicle has come to a complete stop.
  • No Show Policy – If you forget to cancel your ride at least 15 minutes prior to your appointment; you will be credited with a no-show.  Three no-shows within a 3-month period will result in suspension for 30 days.
  • Not responsible for items left aboard the vehicles. Please check for all belongings before exiting.
  • Multiple stops can be scheduled but a fare will be collected each time you board
  • Unless there is a medical limitation we ask that passengers not schedule service for trips less than 5 blocks.
    (Adherence to this policy allows us to serve a greater number of passengers)


Our transit agency is committed to provide safe, accessible, timely and professional service for our customers. 

We can provide such a service only when our passengers respect and follow certain safety and courtesy rules.  Therefore, we thank you, the passengers boarding our vehicles, for obeying the rules listed below:

  1. The driver is responsible for the safety and welfare of all passengers while riding the transit vehicle.  Therefore, the driver is in charge and passengers are expected to comply with the instructions of the driver at all times.  Passenger safety and welfare is contingent upon all passengers complying with these instructions.
  2. Passengers are expected to act in a courteous manner at all times while riding the vehicle.  Any passenger who is verbally and/or physically abusive to other passengers or to the driver will be asked to exit the vehicle immediately.
  3. If a vehicle is seat belt equipped and a passenger fails to buckle up, the driver will ask them to do so before proceeding.  If the passenger refuses, they will be asked to exit the vehicle and they will be refused service.  There will be no exceptions to this rule.
  4. Passengers are expected to pay a fare each time they board the vehicle or show a valid pass to the driver.  Exact change is required.  We allow no passenger to ride without paying.
  5. Do not attempt to stand or exit the vehicle until it has come to a complete stop and the driver informs you that it is safe to exit.
  6. Passengers are expected to maintain control of their possessions while on the vehicle.  The agency will not be responsible for lost or stolen property.
  7. In the event of an emergency, all passengers are to explicitly follow the instructions given by the driver.  If an evacuation of the vehicle is deemed necessary, the driver will instruct you as to the actions to be taken.
  8. Passengers are not permitted to consume food and drinks on the vehicle.
  9. All vehicles are tobacco free.  Smoking and chewing are not permitted on the vehicle.
  10. No passenger is permitted to have an open alcoholic beverage container on the vehicle.  The agency reserves the right of the driver to ask to see the contents of a package if he or she suspects that package may contain an open container of alcohol.
  11. Illegal drugs are not permitted on the vehicle at any time.  Any person found in possession of such drugs will be immediately reported to law enforcement.
  12. At the discretion of the transit provider any person intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs may or may not be permitted to ride the vehicle.
  13. Any person using profane language towards the driver or other passengers may be asked to exit the vehicle.
  14. Passengers are asked to maintain good personal hygiene so as not to offend other passengers. Service maybe discontinued until hygiene improves.
  15. Passengers are to refrain from horseplay or fighting on the vehicle.  The driver will immediately stop the vehicle in the event of such an incident, will ask the passenger to exit the vehicle and will contact law enforcement if deemed necessary.
  16. Weapons are not allowed on any vehicle at any time.  A weapon is described as a firearm, knife, pipe, bar, club, blackjacks, brass knuckles, nunchucks or any other device capable of causing bodily harm to another individual.  Any person found in possession of a weapon will be reported immediately to law enforcement.  There are no exceptions to this rule.
  17. Service animals accompanying individuals with disabilities will be allowed to board the vehicle.  No other animals are allowed, unless in a small pet taxi that can be easily carried by the passenger.
  18. Multiple stops can be scheduled but once you exit the vehicle you must pay a fare to board again.  If you require additional information, please contact the reservation clerk.
  19. Portable oxygen devices are allowed to travel with respirators and properly secured portable oxygen supplies. Oxygen supplies must not obstruct the aisle.

Any passenger who violates these rules can and will be prohibited from using our service.  We are responsible for the safety  and welfare of all passengers and will refuse service to any person who places our passengers and/or drivers at risk.

We welcome your suggestions, please complete a comment card and give it to the driver, mail it in or drop it off at our office. Comment cards can be found in any of our buses and at our office.